Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ever since we moved into Melrose I have dreamed of replacing Brandon's bachelor pad sofas (yes, he has a matching pair) with two vintage leather club chairs and a beautiful, luscious velvet sofa. The richness of the velvet would be a perfect contrast to our stark white walls and neutral decor. I am drawn to darker shades - olive, sienna, gray - and these rooms just influence me even more. 

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Here are some sofas I have had my eye on:

This mink velvet with brass nailhead accents is gorgeous. The lines are simple and classic and you could always find a place for this sofa in your house. 
the balmoral sofa from jayson home

I love how full and comfy this sofa appears - and it is just as stylish without all the pillows! It looks fancy and sophisticated without being uptight and rigid. 
the holloway sofa by jayson home

I am head over heels for this sienna toned sofa - not too dark, not too light ... it's a nice neutral that still grabs your eye. Although I love the tufts, I think the husband would say it isn't "comfortable" enough ...
shoreditch sofa by jayson home

This olive green is amazing. I would bring this home right away and love it for forever. I doubt I could ever afford this exact one, but it gives me inspiration!
the highland sofa by cs post & co

the morgan sofa by jayson home

Currently, At Home in Homewood has a lovely gray velvet sofa that I sit on and lust over every time I'm in the store. I know it loves me too. I guess Baby Owens needs a crib and nursery before I decide to replace a sofa! Here's to dreaming ...


  1. A girl can dream can't she?! LOVE a warm velvet sofa. REALLY loving the shape of the Hollloway!

    1. Oh yes! Maybe if I dream about it enough - one day it will come true!?

  2. Oh yes. I would LOVE to trade in my hubby's bachelor sofa for one of those beauties!

  3. My Lee sofa in my living room is a dark warm gray linen. If I had a bunch of extra cash--- I'd order a velvet slipcover for it for the winter. But that's not happening... anytime soon!