Tuesday, June 26, 2012


With all the excitement of the backyard project, I really haven't put much thought into my birthday next week (July 2nd in case you forgot). I realize a lot of people are over their birthdays and dread turning another year older, but I love them - I love a reason to celebrate and throw a party regardless whose bday it is! I have completely come to terms with the fact that the bakyard renovation is my birthday, Christmas, New Years, St. Pattys Day, Anniversary, etc. for years to come, but I always look forward to getting a little something special from my family. Brandon usually begs me to just tell him what to buy, but I like knowing he picked it out something himself! So, just for fun (and in case Brandon happens to check my blog) here are some goodies I currently have on my wish list. Some items will help beautify the backyard and some will help us enjoy it, while a few have just been on my radar. What is on your wish list!?
ONE: lush peach square pillow - I am imagining two of these outside in the "pool" lounge chairs.
TWO: horseshoe set
THREE: croquet set
FOUR: white planter - one of these on either side of the fireplace with rosemary topiaries.
FIVE: black and white stripe pillow - I really want these in the chair cushions but I need to make sure they will fit, otherwise the pillows will work!
SIX: leopard sandals
SEVEN: bangles - I love all of her jewelry!
EIGHT: robinia pot - wouldn't this be perfect onthe dining table with a few succulents? the whole robinia set of planters is super cute.
NINE: pizza peel - I am dying to make some home made pizzas in our new fireplace. this grill stone with built in thermometer would be amazing as well.  

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