Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Black is continuing to be a huge trend in home decor and it is really making me want to take the plunge. Have you? Now, I just have to figure out where amongst all of Melrose's stark, white walls it could live. I posted a while back about my love for it on the walls, and then a huge trend hit of painting your doors black (which is just as amazing and dramatic), and now it seems that it has taken over window trims. Every room I have seen with black window frames is so intriguing and I am drawn immediately to the bold color. With curtains, or without, the black adds the perfect amount of BAM to the room. What do you think? If you aren't ready to dive in head first, trimming your windows with black could help you test the waters. I think you would be pleased!

simple room ... white walls, minimal furniture and decor, sheer curtains ... the black trim adds so much interest to this beautiful space

 one of my favorite dining spaces ... the bronze pendants aren't bad either
 via lonny mag

 so open and airy ... the black trim draws your attention in
 I would love, love, love to bath in this gorgeous bathroom. Really, I would just like to own this bathroom and stare at it everyday. 
 Jenna Lyon's office via Oh Happy Day

 Joanna Goddard's bedroom decorated by Little Green Notebook

What do you think? Where do you prefer to apply your coat of black? 

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  1. Too funny! I went to bed DREAMING of painting windows black....adds so much expensive looking bang and glam without the price tag!!! LOVE IT! Also- what did you sketch and paint your handwritten canvas with? I LOVE IT!

    1. That is hilarious! Such a good dream! :) I just sketched it on some xerox paper with a sharpie, BUT I will be sure to post what materials I use when I paint my canvas!

      Thanks for following!