Wednesday, March 23, 2011


No, not an addition to my family. My parents have recently added a few new friends to their farm house and I wanted to share. As you may have noticed in earlier posts, my parents raise chickens ... for the fresh eggs, of course. Currently they have 1 rooster (Bob) and 4 hens that roam the yard. Chickens have really become a neighborhood trend and I like to think my Dad started it.

Dad has attempted to incubate eggs before, but it hasn't always been successful. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. So, he is giving it another try. He has 38 Rhode Island Red eggs in his incubator now that should hatch sometime Friday. He expects 60% to hatch and 50/50 roosters to hens. 
There is more -- Dad also purchased 12 Black Australorp biddies (baby chicks) from a friend that seriously raises chickens. I know, I know, you are thinking "wow, this is a lot" but, in the end, Dad hopes to have a mix of 12 Reds and Blacks and 1 Rooster. He can give away the excess hens.
the batch

the one's Dad chose 

Over Christmas our beautiful weimaraner, Greta,  tragically passed away. It was devastating and completely left a hole in our families' hearts - especially my Mom's. Recently Mom was put in touch with a breeder nearby and she was able to find a blue, female weimaraner similar to Greta - not to replace her - but to share the same companionship Greta offered.  We present to you, Ava! She is about 8-9 weeks old and looks so cute.
I have not met Ava yet, but I will be home in 3 weeks so I can't wait to meet her. I will be sure to snap some photos and document the chicken experiment! 

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  1. Rhodes island eggs!!!!!!!!!! Katie Beth, I feel so honored!