Tuesday, December 21, 2010


With wedding stuff occupying most of my time lately, I have started paying a lot of attention to china. I just keep stumbling upon these beautiful pieces of hand-made pottery that I could picture displayed in my dining room or entertaining a house full of guests. I love unique, one of a kind pieces, and like I mentioned before I have developed a slight obsession with tea cups so that may lend to my attraction as well. I wanted to share a few artists that I have found and my favorite pieces. (feel free to ship any to Melrose)

1. LeaWoodCeramics :: I love the simple shapes and elegant thickness to all her pieces, but I especially enjoy the touch of quirkiness the ink strokes convey. The black and gray touches are classic enough to mix and match with any dinner sets. 

2. Sara Paloma Pottery :: With my love for white, you know I would love these dainty pieces with touches of gold. So sweet!

3. Gretel :: Gretel is a company that sells home accessories from around the world. All of the brands are beautiful and share an appreciation for simplicity and creativity. 

Do you have any pottery favorites? I know Etsy has tons more ... I just found these through other bloggers. 

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