Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have found the best purchases lately at the most surprising places. Don't get me wrong, these stores have great items, but typically I don't find myself imagining these items in my home. Most of these purchase ideas were found on other blogs and led me to playing around on their websites. I love a good deal, so when these items caught my attention for style and price, I was in!

The den (pictures to come, I promise!) has a casual nautical theme and I knew this lamp was perfect for the entryway console. And for $100, you can't beat that!
It is even more beautiful in person! I love the shade - it is white, and covered in a nice, thick fabric that does not look cheap or see through. 

I knew I wanted  "boxy" lamps for the night stands in the Master. Originally, I was hoping for crystal ones similar to these
But they cost an arm and a leg pretty much. So, when I saw these:

I thought they would be a perfect fit for what I was looking for. They have a mirrored base with a cream shade and were on sale for $50! I bought 2 and have 1 on each side of the bed. I did have to go to 3 different Pier I stores to find all of these, but it was well worth it.

I knew needed a bookshelf of some sort to put in a "nook" in the den, but it couldn't sit directly on the floor because of the air vent. This "nook" is next to my art easel that sits within the bay window. So, I knew I needed some kind of table/stand/stool for my art supplies (brushes, paint, etc) while painting. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for until I spotted this baby on a blog.
She is originally $200, but is on sale for $90! I thought this would be perfect for a few baskets to store blankets, paints, etc. and I could have an ENTIRE shelf for my paint brushes and jars! Pottery Barn sells one very similar but almost double the size for $300 which is absurd - beautiful, but absurd. If needed, I may by 1 more to have 2 next to each other, but I am going to try out a single first.

Did you know Cindy Crawford has her own line at JC Penney? Some I like, some I don't. But, these curtain rods I LOVE: 

I knew I wanted the gold immediately. And, these were on sale for a surprising $50 each! I only needed 2 so that was great. They look fabulous in the room (to me) and really look good with the mirrored lamps. 

If you have any fabulous bargain finds, please share!

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