Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This past Friday, I traveled to Atlanta for the Country Living Fair that was held at Stone Mountain. I did not know what to expect, but I love Country Living, the outdoors, and a fair so I figured I would enjoy something. I met my mom + some other family members for a fun filled, and exhausting day! Here are some of my favorite images.
more cloches ... very popular for displaying items. that birds nest is right up my alley. in fact, I purchased a few similar ones to stash in the Christmas tree.

pretty colors!

more globes! love this unique black one!

check out this table setting - do you recognize what is holding the flowers (could also double as place card)? if you guessed vintage brass door knob then you are correct! how creative!

can't get enough of these rustic wood place mats - Dad, please? I also love the unexpected combination of the white china paired with the sterling salad plate and charger. 

wish I would have seen these for the wedding - how easy? 

There were over 150 vendors present with merchandise ranging from antiques, iron works, wreaths, home made soaps, furniture, holiday decor, and lots, lots more! Besides buying trinkets and gifts, I also ended up with some great ideas for decorating. One particular design trend caught my attention at several booths - the use of newspaper and old book pages. See what I mean ...
pages rolled up with twine to create an amazing wreath

stuffed inside a barb wire ball - note, great filler item!

hello subtle garland! can we say Christmas? perhaps draped around the tree or mantel? I think so!

I also found some beautiful hand made, real, wreaths. I wanted one so badly for Melrose, but they all seemed too big and thick so Mom said she will try her hand at making me one (hint, hint Mom!).

Mom and I did make time for a quick photo shoot next to the sky high tower of pumpkins and gourds!

And, I did make it home with a few items. I did purchase a few items but my favorites are this gorgeous, sage green lamb's ear wreath (pics to come) and these pumpkin/mum holders make out of iron.
I bought 2 baby spiders and 1 momma spider ... pardon the gazillion acorns, but apparently oak tress heart Melrose. When a big wind comes by it sounds like somebody is shooting us with a bebe gun. I just dread the day when one hits me on the head - I will probably fall out!

Thanks Mom for a fun day and I can't wait to visit next year!


I have developed a fascination with tea cups and saucers. I believe it started when I was introduced to these beautiful pieces. They are so pretty and dainty. I would love to have a whole collection, mix matched of course, that I can display. I have been considering installing small hooks underneath the top ledge of my buffet to create a display similar to this:
[via nest egg]

So, I am now on a mission to start collecting antique tea cups - at a reasonable price. If I get enough I may just hang them like above. I have seen these metal tree stands at various stores, but I think this is another creative use for them.

Here are some other collections that would be creative to display.

[marley and lockyer] LOVE the antique clocks! + the ceramic pitchers sitting above. Very simple and cottage chic.
[elle decor via urban grace]

[via a life's design] They used old maps to wall paper this room. I think the muted color tones in the maps work well together and does not seem to harsh on all the walls. 

[via la dolce vita] Bring out all your trophies from your glory days! These are a hot commodity! I actually purchased my first one this past weekend. 

Do you collect something? Do you display it? Please share!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, I finally got around to spicing up Melrose with a few fall accents and I am excited to share. It is just the dining room table, but hopefully in the future I will have more time to add fall love all around Melrose. I pulled out some old burlap I had, gathered a few large pine cones, votive candles, and purchased some pumpkins and decorative gourds. 

*side note - make sure you do NOT cook with the decorative gourds as I was informed in the grocery store. good thing she told me because these look too delicious to not slice and eat immediately. ;)

I first started out creating a center piece with a basket I had, but I did not like that. It looked too center heavy on the table. I think it would have been suitable for the coffee table.
I rearranged and settled on a scattered arrangement along the burlap runner. I am undecided on the yellow plates - they may work for fall, but I think I would be happier with my white Pottery Barn china I registered for. The yellow does create a nice contrast for the white place settings though, would they clash sitting on white? 

Here are a few of the final shots! 

It is nothing magnificent like the images I posted about earlier, but it is a start! How beautiful would a few cloches with white pumpkins be on here? Or staggered a different heights on the buffet? 

My favorite item(s) on the table are the gold plated flatware - I purchased an entire set for $9 at a local antique mall. I keep them displayed in blue mason jars on the buffet. I hope to mix some silver in there as well. They may not be your cup of tea, but I love gold and I think they are a unique option to the ordinary silver. Just something fun to bring out for the holidays!

I think next year I will replace the baby breath in the place settings to twigs or wheat branches. And possibly upgrade to some bigger candles. Do you have any images of your fall decor? If so, please comment below and share the link or email me! I love seeing new ideas!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go check it out! It provides you with all the information you may need to know about the wedding!
and sign the guest book! ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Like many of you, I have had the beautiful season of fall on my mind lately. Football season (War Eagle!), the leaves changing and falling, breezy afternoons, no more sweltering heat, and one of my good friends' favorites - pumpkin ... they all get me in the spirit of fall. I have been trying to collect some fall inspiration images to spur a festive table setting and possible mantel/fire place alteration, but my motivation hasn't kicked in just yet. I am hoping to accomplish this soon! Until then, here are some pictures that may inspire your fall decor.

[I just registered for a few fun domes w/stands at Pottery Barn]

[not positive on all images, but several are martha stewart]

Maybe it is due to a strong element in my wedding, but I am loving the use of candlelight right now. I really like the pumpkin with the holes carved out creating a creative use of candlelight and the staggering pillar candles surrounded by tiny pumpkins. Perhaps these ideas may make it into my decor?

I also spotted these uses of candlelight and thought they could be really cool for the fall as well.


Melrose has a "working" fireplace and I expect lots of cozy fires this winter so putting the candles below may not be as functional as a fun arrangement on the mantel for me. But, if you don't burn fires and want something different than the typical log arrangement, try this! Very pretty and may even put off a little heat ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010


This past weekend I headed South to my hometown for two cake tastings. It was fabulous and so delicious! Each baker gave us a sample + a small (6") cake to take home! In the end we had 4 mini cakes, so to say that I am "cake-ed" out is an under statement! My fiance even got to enjoy a little sample once I returned home.

While reading one of my favorite design blogs, Beast Pieces, I discovered these a-maz-ing invitations that I just fell in love with. Beast Pieces is the blog of the brilliant letterpress company Studio on Fire. They collaborated with designer Coral Pheasant to print her wedding suite. I could not be more jealous! Check out some of her images:

LOVE that buffet script! Not to mention, that sans serif accent type is the SAME one I picked for my suite, Estilo! Great minds think alike ;)I have always thought Estilo is simple and quirky at the same time.
Wow, that cream gauze fabric and gold thread is the perfect accent! Gray, cream, and gold - what color combo is better than that? Check out these awesome stamp collages! Now these must have taken some time and research - but worth it in the end!

Those vintage stamps are beautiful. I love the orientation of the envelopes as well - vertical, such a unique tough to this collection. I also adore the labels, of course!

Those sayings are so creative. I love the contrast of the beautiful script + the casual, fun phrases. This suite is definitely and inspiration and one of my favorites so far. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!