Thursday, February 21, 2013

COMING UP: our two year anniversary!

Next Tuesday, February 26th, officially marks our two year anniversary! February is always filled with lots of love for us since it involves Valentine's and our anniversary - but I have a feeling both of these celebrations may be combined in the future! We had a low key Valentine's this year; I decided to put my preggers feet up and relax and let the hubby plan dinner - it consisted of steaks, salad, mac & cheese, and asparagus. Totally a "man" meal, but it was all delicious to me! 

This year for our anniversary, plus a semi-baby moon, we are headed to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for a little R&R this weekend. With Baby Owens due the first of summer, I really wanted to escape this cold weather and have my own summer vacay pre-baby, but that ended up being too much so we decided on the beautiful Blackberry Farm! Have you heard of it!? It has been featured in Garden & Gun and Southern Living, and is known for it's fabulous food and view of the Great Smokies. I love trying new food, and since I can't partake in the wine, I think I will divulge myself in a variety of delicious foods! 

Check out these images of the property:

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We are really excited! We have a couples massage and skeet shooting on the agenda so it should be interesting! The farm has lots of outdoor activities like horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, bike riding, etc. but I thought the hubby would enjoy the skeet shooting and it would be something fun to do together. Keep your fingers crossed! 

Yay, today is my Friday! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and has a nice weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

FASHION FAVS: maternity wear

Hi all! Happy Valentine's Day! Do ya'll have any special plans? The hubs and I don't have anything extravagant planned, but our anniversary is at the end of this month so that will be our real celebration! Well, I know I promised the blog wouldn't turn into strictly baby inspiration, but I wanted to share some of my latest maternity fashion favorites since it can be a daunting task to shop for. 

It is tough to fathom spending money on clothes that you only wear for a short period of time, but I believe you can invest in a few pieces to last you through the pregnancy while also purchasing items that will work during and after the baby. I know a lot of people just enjoy to be comfortable and cozy during pregnancy, but me on the other hand, I like a nice mix of comfort and style! Regardless of your preference, here are some great basics that I have loved since being pregnant ... 
ONE: forever 21 chiffon shirt - I have a ton of these types shirts from pre-pregnancy that I can still wear, plus any that I purchase now, I know I can wear afterwards! Double whammy!

TWO: old navy polka dot chiffon button up - If you caught my leather jacket instagram/post, this is the shirt I was sporting underneath. It goes with anything and is cute, but forgiving! With chiffon shirts, I always look for length so that I know my hinny is covered if I decide to wear it with leggings - and this shirt provides good coverage!

THREE: asos swan sweater dress - This was one of the first pieces I ordered online and it was such a great buy. The light weight material makes it perfect for spring or with a pair of leggings it is warm enough for our recent chilly weather. You can't beat any a-line dress during pregnancy -- and how cute are the swans along the bottom!?

FOUR: fleece lined leggings - I found mine at anthropologie, but I know there are lots of options out there. These are amazing for chilly days when thin leggings just won't cut it. I really love that they are thick enough so you can't see through them too. I have 2 pairs of black and 1 pair of gray and alternate them almost every day!

FIVE: anthropologie colorblock shift dress - You can't help but love this colorful, relaxed fit dress for parties and showers, or for when you are just tired of being "comfy." At a reasonable price, it is a good dress to invest in and get a lot of wear out of (pre and post baby!). Definitely one of my favorite purchases so far!

SIX: forever 21 button up blouse - It's nice that the trend right now is long, flowy chiffon tops because they are ideal to throw on with a tank and stretchy pants. 

SEVEN: j brand skinny maternity jeans - I knew I wanted to splurge on one nice pair of jeans to wear throughout the pregnancy and I just happened to catch these on sale. I thought, I all ready feel bloated and look like a whale so I don't want to be stuck in a pair of frumpy, saggy maternity jeans! These are still comfortable with room to grow and I can wear them with boots, flats, or sandals in the summer. So glad I invested in a pair of these! **Since then, I have also purchased a pair of H&M maternity jeans with the pull up extended top and they are reasonably priced and stylish as well. I would have included those in my list, but they aren't on the website!

EIGHT: jcrew chambray pullover button up - I have pretty much lived in this shirt + black leggings and boots for the majority of my pregnancy. You can easily dress it up or down, but it is always stylish!

NINE: camisoles - I don't have this exact brand, but any long camisole would get the job done. These are ideal for layering under shirts that have now become "cropped tops" due to the expanding belly or just to conceal under a chiffon top. I'm about to wear all mine out!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my maternity favorites - and it wasn't too boring for you non-pregnant followers! I think it is a great mix of items that are long lasting and stylish! Do you have any favorites to share? I'd love to hear more options! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MY VERSION of biker chic

Now that hunting season is officially over, two of my friends and myself took advantage of daddy babysitters and hopped in the car for a girls night out trip to Atlanta.  Our first stop was Scott's Antique Market (I know, 2 months in a row but it's worth the trip!) where I found the perfect off white cow hide rug for Baby Owens' nursery! I can't wait to see how it looks in the room. The rest of the weekend was spent eating delicious food, gabbing about life, and enjoying a night of peaceful sleep. I'm trying to soak it all up while I can before Baby Owens makes his arrival!

You may remember my biker chic post before Christmas of me lusting after a leather jacket and my collage of some great options. Well, ya'll may have seen my instagram, but I finally snagged myself one this past weekend! It is faux, of course, but I really like it and wore it the same night I purchased it. It's from H&M and I opted for the light pink option (it looks more like a soft cream in person) because of the gold hardware. I love the cut and quality and you can't beat the price! So, if you're in the market for a reasonably priced, stylish leather jacket, try this one!
Here's my 23 week preggers self sportin my new jacket before dinner out in Atlanta - it's currently a little snug, but hopefully it won't be for forever! What do you think?

Friday, February 8, 2013


When I was at Scott's antique mall in January, somehow I became fixated on vintage rocking horses. I don't know what made me take notice to them, but once I spotted 1 - I spotted 20. Unfortunately, any of the super cute, truly vintage ones were mega pricy so I was about to give up when I noticed this precious, petite little guy. He is definitely for younger toddlers (standing at a massive 2 ft tall), but it was in my price range and I loved the rustic, gender neutral colors - immediately I knew it would be perfect for Baby Owens' nursery.
After looking through some of my inspiration pictures, again, I started to spy rocking horses (or any animal, really) left and right. They are truly a classic, vintage piece perfect for any kids room. I think it will be something fun to keep in the family and pass down. What do you think? Check out these inspiring nurseries.

This is what I imagine when you say - classic, vintage rocking horse - all wood, shaggy main and tail, and perfect height to hop up on to. If only this size would have been available in my price range ...

May not be a rocking horse, in fact I'm not positive what animal it is, but it definitely rocks and you can ride it. It looks so cozy and sweet! I love it's texture paired with the floating butterflies next to the clean, white walls and streamline crib. 
This is such a fun way to show off artwork - I've recently seen several creative ways of how to display art projects around the house ... but that's for another post
The simple, all wooden models are definitely very popular - an easy decision so that it doesn't compete with the rest of the nursery decor.

A nice, safe option with a back rest ... we don't want any babies falling out! 

I love this entire room - I would never have the guest to put all these similar color tones together and patterns, but it all works perfectly together. That cherry rug in the center is right amount of pop to play off of the blues. I'm also in love with the mini doll beds all lined up - how precious. Can you spot the vintage rocking horse!? 
That's it for now! I can't wait for the day when Baby Owens' can try out his rocking horse for the first time. Do you think he will like it!?