Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Melrose has an open, narrow wall before the hallway that is dying for a large piece of art. Ideally, I would love a chest for this space for extra storage, or a bench below a piece of art, but anything with depth would protrude into the doorway. Large pieces or original art can be so pricy, so I have been brainstorming a budget friendly idea for this space. I am really thinking about using my calligraphy and painting a large canvas with a special quote. 

Basically the only expense would be the canvas and paint. And, I actually like a lot of the stark white examples, so I would just need black paint and a thick brush. Here are some inspiration images that have sparked this idea.
nate berkus' home via kristen kerr

I quickly (the messier the better!) sketched out my quote and this is my plan:
"May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam. May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures. may all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours!"

Friday, May 18, 2012


I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and is excited for the weekend. I know I am. I will be enjoying a nice weekend at the beach, but I wanted to leave ya'll with some new favorite music that I am currently obsessed with.

First off, is Of Monsters and Men. Their debut album, My Head is an Animal, was released in Iceland September of 2011 and has slowly made its way into the states. Laurel-Dawn at Abode Love and I bought this cd a few months ago and we can NOT stop listening to it on repeat. Buy this album today - you won't regret it!

Next, between rotations of Of Monsters and Men is John Mayer's new cd, Born and Raised. I actually discovered this new cd through a fellow blogger and can't wait for the upcoming release in a few weeks. You can listen to the entire cd for free on itunes. I love John's folksy sound and it is perfect for a summer day ... I can just picture myself in a convertible, top down, cruisin' some back roads with this blaring. It is my favorite cd of his by far!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

k.dee jewels

New necklaces going out this week! If you are interested in one please contact Dana Humphreville. You can view our sizes and pricing here
 coral and turquoise small necklaces
white large necklace - perfect for dressing up a simple tee

Friday, May 11, 2012


Now that I have my dining options narrowed down, I have switched gears to find all the necessities to make our patio ideal for entertaining (in my dream world). All this work won't be worth it unless we can host weekly margarita nights and bocce ball tournaments!

How perfect is this teal blue bench to add some color on the patio? I bet you could easily paint a similar bench to make the same statement. My favorite necessity that I found is this wooden drink cart from Target (from the Smith and Hawken collection). I love the removable trays for serving up margs and the wine storage. To light up the night while finishing the bocce ball tournament, string these retro bulb lights and light these gorgeous gold lanterns. You can play all night long! And when the day is over, store it all in this all weather wooden storage bench. Sounds like a great day to me! What about you?
ONE: box planter
TWO: teal blue outdoor bench
THREE: orange trina turk pillow /  trina turk marine blue trellis pillow / floral pillow
FOUR: bubble pitcher / bubble margarita glasses
FIVE: patio serving cart
SIX: metal bocee ball game with wooden storage box
SEVEN: string of globe lights
EIGHT: wood outdoor storage bench
NINE: gold outdoor lantern

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Look what I found today on Lulie Wallace's blog!

It's my commissioned wedding bouquet painting! I love it and I CAN NOT wait to see it in person! It is the perfect mix of my wedding flowers. Lulie did an amazing job!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Lately I have been scouring all the catalogs and websites to find the best deal on some patio furniture for Melrose's backyard project. The hubby has me on a tight budget so in order to fit everything in, I have to find a steal! I'm looking for a long table that can accomodate six guests and then some sort of "lounge seating" in front of the fire place. Of course, I gravitate more towards rustic, gray toned pieces, but I am open to anything right now! Here are some of my favorite options that I have found:

The more I re-visit this set, the more I love it. I really like the gray toned slats and overall simplicity. It reminds me of something you would see along the coast of Nantucket by a quaint cedar shake house.

And we could place a few of these around the patio and by the fireplace to "relax":

Another favorite option is this white washed, cottage chic set from Ballard Designs. I want to say they are having a sale right now and their outdoor furniture is discounted even further so that is nice!

Another dining set in the running is this collection from World Market. They are always running a special so I do think we could get a good deal, my only question is quality. I am drawn to the simple, refined lines and gray tone - plus, it offers a variety of seating which is fun.
 world market laguna dining collection: $800

This matching deep sofa looks so cozy for in front of the fire! Stack up a few pillows and a good book -- what a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Have you checked out the Smith and Hawken line available at Target? I did for the first time and it has some gorgeous (and expensive) items. But, this dining set actually finds itself in the somewhat affordable range! 

This set is a little too funky for me, but it does have a retro vibe that could be really fun. And you can't beat the price! This collection has a lot of chair options that you could mix and match too (two featured below).
ikea applaro arm chair and side chair

These are just my personal favorites, but check out more options on my pinterest board. Do you have a favorite or another dining set you have found? 

Monday, May 7, 2012


Last weekend Brandon and I decided to overhaul the front yard and replace all the old wood chips with new cedar mulch. Since moving into Melrose we had done nothing more than maintaining the front yard by mowing, planting new flowers, trimming the bushes, etc. so it was time to replace the old ground cover. Most of the wood chips had become mixed with dirt and tree bark and it just looked "dirty". Brandon coaxed me into this full day project by agreeing if we conquer the front yard and make it look nice, then he will be more accepting of my backyard project! So of course, I was in! He didn't have to ask me twice!

Here is Melrose's old wood chips:
 No, that isn't an oversized, out-of-control weed (as Brandon referred to it) in front of our oak tree - it is my lantana that just sprouted its first blooms after this picture was snapped.
 check out our boom box providing our entertainment for the day!
Not only were the wood chips hideous, but the weeds and azaleas were out of control. Everything needed to be pulled, trimmed, or removed! Here is what we left Lowe's with that morning:
35 bags of cedar mulch and we used all but a few bags!

We chose cedar because apparently the scent is a natural insect repellant and in an old house you want to do anything to keep any pests out! It smells so pleasant, especially after a good rain, and slightly reminds me of a hamster cage. Ha. 

So, after five hours of raking (which I have a blister to prove it) and bagging we were ready to lay down the new mulch and it made such a difference! We are so happy with the results and it was definitely worth the long day. Hopefully all this mulch won't intermingle with the dirt too quickly!

What do you think? I really like how the cedar stands out and doesn't seem like dirt from the road. But after this long day of what I thought would just give me a little bit of tan and calorie loss, I ended up having to buy all these products due to a patch of poison ivy on the side of the house! Eek! I'm MUCH better now after I got a steroid shot, but I did look like Will Smith in Hitch for a few days after his allergic reaction ... 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi all! I have had some interest regarding a few "sources" for our master bedroom so I wanted to share the items in case you are wondering too!

1. THE OVERSIZED FRAMES: I bought these "assemble yourself" frames from our local Hobby Lobby months ago. I snagged them quickly because the gold is no longer sold and they were on sale for $2 each - but they still carry the black. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby in your city, these are very close to what I bought. I also used these same frames for our coral gallery wall in the den and the framed prints above my bar. I find them super easy and convient because you just buy the width and height desired for your picture - it makes framing odd sizes a breeze! I then got my matt board and glass cut from a local shop based on the size of the picture frame. 

2. THE "FAN-DELIER": I purchased it at a local fan shop - Dan's Fan City in Birmingham - and I know it sounds cheesy but it really is a neat store. The owners (and the website) basically walk you through "designing" your own fan from the motor to the blades, down to the the lighting attachment ... the options are endless! 

3. THE LAMPS: I had my mind set on these from the get go and were probably one of the first "new" items in the room. I knew I wanted mirrored lamps with a square shade and luckily I found these at Pier 1 imports. I wish they were still available because they were such a good price and can match any decor. 

If you are curious about any other items, don't hesitate to email me! Thanks again for all the sweet comments and interest in the room!