Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have always wanted to do something "unique" and humorous for my girl friends when asking them to be a bridesmaid. Through all the wedding blog searching I eventually found the perfect idea! I made it my own and spruced the idea up a bit and this is what I gave each girl:
I created "bridesmaid" wine with a tag saying "will you toast with me ...". I thought it turned out super cute and it is something all my girls can use! ;) The bridesmaid label has several synonyms of the role as a bridesmaid - in my opinion ...  I'm just sayin'. (just kidding girls :: click on images to enlarge)

I did run into a tiny problem with 2 girls that live in Rhode Island and Georgia - you cannot ship wine across state lines! Apparently that is boot legging, or something!?!? So, back to the drawing board - after much deliberation and brainstorming I ended up making them a message in a bottle

Yes, I even crinkled the paper and burned the edges to make it seem real. I bet they thought I found it washed up on the beaches of Florida. I also included 5 bucks for the wine I got to drink instead of them!

And, today my maids' dresses were waiting at Melrose and they are gorgeous! I knew I wanted different styles and tones, so when the time came to choose JCrew had the perfect selection and colors. Here is a sneak peek of the beautiful array of color tones: 

I have some of the best girl friends someone could ask for and could not choose a better group of girls to share in the excitement of the engagement and wedding with. We have all shared some exciting times, crazy and wild moments, scary adventures, sad experiences, family issues, boy troubles, hilarious fights - but that is what makes us friends ... there through the thick and thin! I love each and every one of you and thanks for agreeing to stand with me on February 26th! 


I discovered Paul Ferney through his wife's blog oh happy day! and am obsessed with his work. Especially his cake paintings. I love the soft, muted colors and the undefined edges. I will definitely be visiting his blog September 6th for his online sale - wishing and hoping maybe one will be in my price range?!

He also has beautiful landscapes of Northern California and Utah that truly capture the rural areas. His strong brush strokes and natural color tones really define his paintings. I could totally see one of these in Melrose. I wish he sold prints ...

Paul truly inspires me to pick back up my paint brushes. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In an effort to use up my last few days of vacation, I am off 1/2 day Thursday and all of Friday! I am hoping to make some rounds to my fav furniture shops here in Birmingham during my time off. I am in search for some bedroom furniture and a console for an open wall in the dining room. 

Console issue: We have a 64" wide wall that butts up to the doorway to the kitchen, but the problem is - we only have a 6" depth allowance because the doorway is RIGHT THERE. Nothing needs to jut out further and limit the doorway space. I have been searching everywhere! I have found awesome pieces that would fill the space beautifully, but then they are like 15" deep or even 12" deep ... and that just won't work! So, I am searching this week! If you know of anything that fits this criteria, please let me know.

I am hoping to combine storage and a bar area within this piece. I have registered for some awesome decanters, tumblers, and trays that I would love to display on this. Here are some inspiration images that I have been referencing:

I really like the size of this piece and the open shelving. I really like the wine glass organization and serving dish display. White may be a little too modern for my dining room. Notice the bar setup on the left and the pretty arrangement on the right - I like it! [via made by girl]

I really like this thin, metal frame piece. [unknown]

I think I could make something similar to this linen covered console. Very chic and lots of hideaway storage! [domino mag via dress, design, decor]

I love these bar carts, but I don't think one would be substantial enough against my wall.


I will let you know if I find anything! After my furniture hunt, I am headed to the beach for the weekend. Busy, busy with lots of design projects - still trying to snap pictures to share!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I just saw this photo shoot of the cast from the new movie, The Romantics, and the photography is beautiful (via elements of style). Not only does it feature studs like Tad Hamilton and Seth Cohen, but the gorgeous styling is all JCrew! Take a look for yourselves:

I am in love with the simplistic styling - the gray back drop and minimal props is perfect for the exquisite JCrew clothes. I have always loved JCrew's catalogs and website - they have some fabulous designers. 

I also watched the trailor for the The Romantics and it looks so good! Can't wait for it to come out. If you have time, it is well worth the watch. P.S. Sookie Stackhouse is one of the lead actors! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This past weekend my fiance and I traveled to my hometown of Eufaula. We had such a great time. It was nice not having to rush to an event - we just got to relax and stay in our "scrubby" clothes. 

My Dad had a special surprise for us and I wanted to share a sneak preview of my favorite item for the wedding:

The design is not perfected yet, but by February 26th we will have these babies down to a tee! I am not spoiling the surprise because I know by then they will look so different! I love the "bokeh" effect the lights create while out of focus. I think 12 of these will make a beautiful backdrop for pictures at the reception.

Besides testing our our chandeliers, we also enjoyed lots of home cooking, fresh eggs, play time with Greta, and being woken up by Bob (the rooster). I was experimenting with my new camera all weekend and I want to share some pictures of our time with the parentals. 

Greta is such a supermodel.


Mmmm that pizza was delicious! I wish I had more now. I have been super busy designing my save the dates and organizing wedding details, but I do have a new invitation suite to share with ya'll soon so be on the lookout! 

Friday, August 13, 2010


Lately I have spent a lot of time online and looking through catalogs of one of my favorite stores: Pottery Barn. And for what may you ask - ah, yes, my wedding registry. PB is one of my favorite home stores along with Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, and any one of a kind antique store - if only you could register at those places as well. Anthropologie has my whole heart and I would spend a lot more money there if they would lower those prices ;) *note - watch the sale rooms/racks, you can find some great deals!

Melrose has a long way to go, but I am hoping some of the items will help her revolve quicker. Here are some of my favorite items so far:
Terra cotta pots and wooden tray - I love that these look rustic and worn. These will be very cute on the leaning bookshelf in the den next to my rusty shears and garden fork.

Wool Jacquard and throw (not pictured) - I really love the soft, mono-tone color palette and hints of shimmer. I believe these will live in the mauve-gray guest room.

Emma dinnerware - yes, this is our casual ware (I think!) in white. I did accent a yellow round platter with it though! I like the simplicity of it - nothing too ornate or feminine, but the cups and saucers are too cute!

Gallery prints - remember by print and photography post? Hopefully I can accomplish one with these! I like an assortment - white frames, black, and the wood with burlap.

Basket wall art - this thing is huge! I can picture it above the buffet here surrounded with other baskets and hats. 

PB essential quilt - I think this collection used to have a different name but I have always wanted it. It is so fluffy and soft and I love the tufts. This will also live in my office/guest room.

These are just a few of Pottery Barn's lovely collection. If you have any other suggestions please share! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have this really pretty wooden round mirror I purchased at Scott's last fall and I have not found a home for it yet and it is driving me crazy! I got it for a super awesome deal of $25 and then saw the same mirror in the other building going for $200 - I was pretty impressed. This is my purchase:

I was just flipping through my collected inspiration files and found some good suggestions. Now, I just need a piece of furniture to pair it with!

If mine was bigger ... [vogue via destined to design]

I want a folding bar table so badly! [unknown]

Tiny and petite. [urban grace]

Or a whole wall of mirrors! I think this works very well for a bathroom and the tiny shelving helps keep them aligned. [martha stewart via this is glamorous]

Love the balance of the mirror + lamp. [decor8]

above a mantel ... [lonny mag]

If a folding (or rolling) bar cart comes into my possession in the next bit, I think that will be my choice for my mirror to hang above. Until then, may she rest peacefully under the bed.