Thursday, November 21, 2013


I know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but so is Christmas! It really is my most favorite time of the year. I enjoy thinking about gifts for other people and seeing their reaction when they open a present they love. Here is what is on my wish list this year and maybe it will inspire some ideas for you as well. 
ONE: Your Child and Your Baby in pictures - These seem like great resources for photography and I'm always looking for pointers and tips - especially now that I'm shooting my own baby boy!

TWO: Personalized brass bracelet - This would be so special with our wedding date engraved on it, 02.26.11

THREE: Marc Jacobs "Henry Dinky" watch - I love the black face on this watch and it will be a nice contrast to my everyday, gold chronograph watch. 

FOUR: Tory Burch "Miller" sandal in vanilla - My beloved white flats broke this past summer and I've been on the search for a replacement pair ever since. This yummy vanilla cream color seems perfect to pair with any outfit. (size 8)

SIX: Wooden SmartBox - I've been looking for something to store and organize my calligraphy tools in and this looks perfect - small nooks for nibs, a handle for carrying, 2 layers for depth, areas for my pens ... sold!

SEVEN: Winsor and Newton gouache - This primary or set of 10 would be ideal for introducing watercolor into my calligraphy. I need to break away from the standard black and walnut ink! 

EIGHT: Tory Burch "Thea-Mini" Crossbody - I have a similar one that I got in New York (hm hm chinatown) that I have loved using so upgrading to the real deal would be sweet. It is great for a day on the go when you just need a few items and you don't want to fool with keeping something on your shoulder or arm. 

NINE: Professional Guillotine - Now that I'm doing more and more freelance work, my old paper cutter just isn't cutting it (literally!). This would be awesome for cutting multiple invitations, stationary, etc. and not to mention, save me time

TEN: Green studs - Emerald green is a very trendy color right now and these would be perfect for everyday wear or a fun, holiday party.

And if you still need ideas, check out my wish list or gift ideas boards! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello friends! I know I've been MIA, but what can I say? Raising a babe is a lot of work (and fun!) and any free time I get right now I devote to design projects, household duties, or simply propping my feet up for a few minutes. So, I apologize for the late post of Gray and I's 0-3 month favorites.

One of my best friends is expecting and I started to think about our favorite registry items and I decided to make a post out of it. I've always been a researcher and enjoy reading other mom's lists and reasons so I figured somebody may enjoy mine! I was pretty clueless on baby gear so I loved reading recommendations based on experience. I didn't register for a lot of "gear" (i.e. swings, rockers, chairs, etc.) and I'm glad because Gray just wanted to be close by our sides. Here is what we got the most use out of for the first few months --
ONE: Fisher-Price Rock n' Play - For the first three months of Gray's life he pretty much lived in this bassinet. We could easily tote it around the house - our bedroom, the living room, the nursery - to make his sleeping location convenient for us. I loved that it had the option to rock, was inclined to help with any reflux, and was high enough to access from my bedside. Also, the price beats a lot of the high end Moses baskets and is more compact than setting up a pack and play.

TWO: Miracle Blanket - I wish I would have stuck with these from the beginning but I was a little intimidated by the excess fabric when Gray was teeny tiny. Once I committed to using these, Gray slept great and could not bust out like some of our other swaddlers. We used them for all naps and nighttime sleep. I even swaddled him with 1 arm out when we were weaning him off the swaddle.

THREE: Boppy pillow + slipcover - This pillow is great for nursing and helping baby get that perfect angle. It is also perfect for guests who may be overwhelmed by a newborn and need that extra arm support. Now, Gray is practicing sitting in his and puts me at ease if he happens to fall over. I like the slipcover option for the ability to remove it for a fresh wash. Babies are messy!

FOUR: Boppy Changing Pad Liners - A good friend recommended these to me and boy am I glad! These save you from washing your changing pad cover daily.

FIVE: Mam pacifiers - Gray wasn't too keen on the pacifiers from the start, so we tried several different brands and Mam was the winner. Now that Gray is grasping objects he can hold onto the button end and eventually get it back into his mouth. We recently bought the glow in the dark ones and he is starting to be able to find them in his crib at night.

SIX: BOB Revolution SE jogging stroller - I used this stroller with the car seat adapter for all my walks during the first few months. Since Gray was born in June, it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I would meet friends and we would catch up on walks and it was an instant soother for him if he was fussy. This is still my main source for exercising!

SEVEN: Chicco Keyfit Caddy - This may be the most underestimated item on my list. I almost didn't register for it but after hearing how much a friend loved hers, I was convinced. It definitely made getting out and about during the first 3 months doable. If Gray was asleep you could easily snap the car seat into the stroller frame without waking him and he would also catch many naps in it while out shopping. I would use it even if I was running in the grocery store or Hobby Lobby for just a few items. The basket on the bottom is perfect for those few items and it folds up easily and compact.

EIGHT: Puj Tub - Since we live in an older house, storage space is pretty limited so I knew the Puj tub was perfect.  Since it lays flat we could easily hang it on the back of bathroom door and it was out of the way. It also fit our small sinks nicely and was easy to travel with.

NINE: Solly Baby wrap - This wrap is similar to the Moby, but I like it better for it's thin, breathable fabric and pretty colors and patterns. I researched all the brands and fell in love with this option. The ties may seem tricky, but you get the hang of it quickly - I found, the tighter, the better. Gray wasn't much of a swing or chair baby and loved being cuddled so this helped me get things done around the house while letting him sleep and remain content.

TEN: Target nursing camisoles - Whoa, I wore these tanks just about every day (and still do!) and they are the perfect mix of style, comfort, and convenience. Not to mention pretty affordable. I own four of these and just rotate them out. 

ELEVEN: Summer Infant SwaddleMe - This was the other swaddler I loved and used quite a bit. The velcro tabs make it easy to pull it tight to prevent arms from popping out. It is also easier to maneuver for grandparents, dads, and sitters who may be intimidated by the Miracle Blanket. 

TWELVE: Target nursing brasMedela Hands Free Pumping Bra - If I didn't have on a nursing camisole, I wore/wear one of these comfortable nursing bras. This pumping bra is also key when it comes to pumping. It is so boring just sitting there so I like to have my hands free to scour the world wide web, blogs or play on pinterest. 

That's our favorite products for the first 3 months of Gray's life! He's now 5 months old (yes, time flies!) so I will post our favorite 3-6 month items shortly! Were there any products not on my list that you couldn't live without or made your life much easier? Please share!