Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: grayson allen owens

Well, here it is - Gray's official birth announcement! I didn't know exactly how I wanted to jump back into blogging, but I thought it only made sense to formally introduce Gray by sharing his birth announcement I designed. It was certainly a labor of love and I'm so happy with the outcome. 

The fabulous Johanna Cosby took his newborn pictures when he was 10 days old. Gray was not a happy camper, but Johanna worked her magic and you would never know it. The pictures are beautiful and I opted to do more of a lifestyle shoot outside with the three of us. I'm so happy to have some pretty family pictures and just a few squishy, posed pictures of Gray. I will share more of those later! 

I had the announcements letterpressed by Four Hats Press with gray ink on French Paper's Pure White. I paired them with Paper Prensentation's Green Tea envelopes and sealed them with mustache washi tape. It all came together so nicely and I was so excited to get them out the door!

If you are interested in custom design services, please contact me!

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