Friday, May 3, 2013


While I'm in the mode of preparing for Baby Owens' arrival - one thing I started to think about while reading the multiple handy "what to pack for hospital" lists is my DSLR camera. I know I will be taking it to the hospital for pictures, but eventually my brain starting going 1,001 different directions and I ended up surfing the web for a new camera bag. I currently have this ONA insert and organizer, and I really like it, but after shoving it into my purse on top of my wallet, phone, make up, etc. and toting all that around, it ended up weighing 30 pounds = not fun! I would be content with this insert if it had some sort of attachable cross body strap to use when you're on the go, but it doesn't. 

It took me a while to find some good options that didn't resemble a men's gym bag, but I finally found some stylish, and affordable bags. I decided to compile this chart of my favorite options for people in the same boat. Since I was clueless in the beginning, hopefully this will help you out in the future when in the market for a new stylish camera bag! 
ONE: 2 Sues bag in grey by Kelly Moore - This looks like a great bag to double as a purse and protective camera bag
TWO: Betsy Black by Jo Totes
THREE: Cheeky Lime Classic Bag in green
FOUR: Libby bag in caramel by Kelly Moore
FIVE: The Bowery in black by ONA - I ordered this one due to its price, size, style, and convenience to grab it and go! I'm sure I'll have my purse with me and this bag looks small enough to wear cross body while still toting a purse (or diaper bag!)
SIX: Rebecca Minkoff Craig Crossbody Camera bag - look at all the fun, summer colors! This one is on the small side for a large price - but it's super cute!
SEVEN: The Palma by ONA - This one is my absolute favorite but is not a reasonable option right now, but if I start shooting pictures more often, I'd love to have this to use everyday!
EIGHT: The Claremont by Lo & Sons - Another classy leather option very similar to the Palma 
NINE: Oliday Tan Canvas Bag - a great affordable, but stylish option 
TEN: Georgia Nautical by Jo Totes
ELEVEN: Missy Mint by Jo Totes
TWELVE: London Backpack by Epiphanie - A perfect gender neutral option big enough to tote around anything you may need during your outing

What do you use to tote your camera around? If you could invest in a new camera bag - which style is your favorite? I went with #5 and can't wait to see how well it gets the job done! Happy Friday! I'm officially at 35 weeks today so 5 weeks to go, eek!

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