Thursday, September 13, 2012


Remember when I posted about completing our bar area in the dining room? Well I love the color and interest the art brings to the room, but I really feel like I need another punch of color. The dining side of the room just seems so bland. So I have been on the search for a unique, one of a kind, fun rug to use under the table. Of course the size is really awkward since there needs to be a walkway from the den to the kitchen and it needs to complement the rest of Melrose. Rugs can be a great statement piece and a very versatile item that you can easily move to other areas of the house. I know a lot of designers refer to them as an excellent starting point for decorating a room. 

Here is what you see from one side of the room ...
And here is the dining room from the view of the den walkway ...(pardon the iphone photo)
See what I mean? It just needs something to make the room seem more intimate and lively. After endless research, I have found a beautiful rug that I believe to be the winner. I understand it is bold and may be too funky for my taste, but I love the colors and originality. I am really drawn to the cobalt blue, sage green and hints of pink throughout the Moroccan rug. What do you think? 
thanks abode love for your awesome photoshop skills

I am also convincing myself to paint the leg's of my farm table a high gloss white to brighten up the room. I think it will be a nice contrast to the rustic table top. So, is it a winner in your mind as well? I'll report back soon on my verdict! 

Thanks for all the sweet comments on Melrose's guest bedroom! I love to read your favorite aspects of the room - gives me new insight! And yes Kristen you are correct - you did spy new twin beds in the other guest bedroom! Progress is slow on that room, but I'll try to share a sneak peek soon.


  1. ooooo. I'm such a sucker for a cool vintage inspired rug! LOVE this. Can I ask where it's from?

    1. I'm hoping I really like it because I love a unique, vintage item as well! I ordered it from:

  2. I LOVE this rug - it is amazing! Just what the doctor ordered ;)

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I thought so too, so I took a chance and ordered it! We shall see!