Friday, July 13, 2012


So, not only have I been mesmerized by console sinks, but also by beautifully styled toilets and sinks. I know this seems so random, but I enjoy paying attention to the small details that most people over look. Like I mentioned, our guest bathroom is super tiny so I am trying to maximize counter space, but I can't help to think the sink and toilet look so empty without some sort of decor. It's as if they are screaming style me, please, I feel naked! Do you feel this same way? [If you don't please disregard this post - I know a lot of people aren't as OCD detail-oriented as me. I promise, no hurt feelings!]  Here is some inspiration that has been helping me accessorize both of Melrose's bathrooms.

I have been toying with the idea of installing a shelf above our sink in the guest bathroom for counter space, but right now I have a small soap dish mounted. The candy bowl filled with nail polishes is a fun, colorful idea - and fresh flowers always add a punch of color. 

Another shelf concept with fresh flowers and apothecary jars.

 I wish I had the room for a stool - here's an example of a styled tray for guests

And here is what I have been collecting items for in our master bathroom - some sort of tray filled with bubble baths, salts, perfume, scented soaps, and some personal touches.

Do you use your sink and/or toilet for accessories, or do you go for the minimalist look? 

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  1. Accessories everywhere! I have a tray on our guest counter top full of odds and ends I have collected from hotels that we have stayed in, free gifts from department stores, and always a fantastic candle and box of matches for them to burn and feel at home.