Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, spring is officially here and I am loving it! I have all ready enjoyed a few afternoons by the pool, my white jeans, and open toed sandals. Not only am I embracing the warmer weather, but so is Melrose's plant life. Our tulips have bloomed (and about died), the azaleas are in full force, and Mom planted me some new dainty flowers in my stone pots. Now, I am just waiting on our rose bush and confederate jasmine to spring alive!
 check out the drooping tulips in the background, oops!
And since Easter is right around the corner, I decided to go pastel pink with my new shellac manicure. So sweet and innocent.
I think it will match my new Easter dress from Zara perfectly. Don't judge - I know it looks a little funky and harsh with the black booties, but it really is sweet and feminine. I think a little gold belt around the waist will be the perfect touch. I love the mint green paired with the abstract watercolor and the palette is so unexpected. Do you have a new Easter dress? 

I hope you all enjoying this lovely weather! We are about to be in full backyard project mode so I will be sure and keep ya'll updated on the process! Stay tuned for Melrose's master bedroom reveal this week!

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