Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Do you need a quick, last minute gift idea? Well, here is a good one for you! I made loaves of apple sauce bread for Brandon's co-workers and it was so good I wanted to share the recipe. Surprisingly, it is healthy! It is made with whole wheat flour, apple sauce, and a few other simple ingredients. I was able to use my kitchen aid mixer for the first time and it sure made the job easier. I made six loaves in two different batches and I didn't have to stir anything!

After the bread was done I used flour sack towels to wrap the loaves and tie it off with twine. I had these leftover fruit baskets from a wedding project so they were the perfect "basket" to deliver them in. I just noticed the holly tree out front of Melrose so I picked a few sprigs to adorn the punched name tags I made. What do you think? I think for a 2 hour craft project they turned out pretty cute! I hope Brandon's co-workers will enjoy it!

If you are looking for another great idea, I posted about gifting home made BBQ rub during my wedding planning. It was such an easy, but unique present to pass out to our hosts. 

In other "cooking" news, I found two great holiday items that are amazing and you need to try. If you love your house to smell like Christmas then you need to make this potpourri I found on pinterest. It smells wonderful and the best thing is you can leave it on your stove and just add water and reheat the mix. Usually I simmer cider on the stove with similar ingredients but this is so much easier. 

And, In my Christmas decor post I mentioned I host an annual Feliz Navidad party, well this year I decided to forgo the margaritas and make this champagne strawberry punch I found on pinterest instead. I had high hopes of making both to represent green and red, but time got the best of me. It was quite delicious and a big hit. What gets easier than combining a bottle of champagne, ginger ale, and frozen strawberries? 

Do you have any holiday recipes you love? Please share!

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