Thursday, October 6, 2011


Since we received our final disc of pictures from Heidi back in March, I have been slowly working on designing our wedding albums. I have been really excited about designing this book for several reasons ...
• I get to choose which pictures are in it
• It is a great way to have all your pictures in one place rather than individually printing them all
Blurb now has an amazing InDesign plug-in that allows designers to customize their book any way imaginable

The books arrived a month ago and they are gorgeous. No, not because it is millions of pictures of Brandon and I, but because of the quality. I chose image wrapping for the hard cover, their new pro-line uncoated paper for the interior, and the largest square size available - 12"x12". The large size was quite surprising, but amazing. I love how vibrant and bold the pictures are. 

I would definitely recommend Blurb to everyone - it is not just for weddings. There are so many choices and templates (for the non-designer) to choose from that it makes the process really fun, and straight forward. Here are a few pictures of my blurb book:

you can see the rest of the book here

For the parents I chose a smaller size, 7"x7", and it turned out just as cute, and much easier to handle! I think they have really enjoyed having all the pictures in one place for easy browsing. You can tell the proportion differences in both sets of pictures.


  1. I LOVE that Katie Beth!! So glad to know about that site!

  2. I LOVE blurb! I made a couple of books of when I lived in Italy and were so pleased with them! I have started a book for Brodie this week with the new layouts and love them!

    Btw, your pictures are gorgeous!!

  3. I wish I had read this post before so I could have seen this last night. I'm sure they are beautiful!

  4. Hi Katie Beth! How were you able to get your cover image to wrap around the spine of the book? I am in the process of making a book and I cannot seem to figure that out. Is it an option on the InDesign Plug-in? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Many thanks!