Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was quite confused on what the whole Pinterest trend was, but I did some exploring yesterday and now I have jumped on the band wagon. I am still unsure on how to pronounce it (for awhile I said pin-interest, which is obviously wrong, and then I said pin-terest, and I have tried p-interest, what do you think?) but I love it all the same. 

I have read all the interest about Pinterest ;), but I never found a clear explanation so I am saving you the trouble by explaining it! Once you get going I am sure you will love it too. 

Overall, Pinterest is a way to catalog all your favorite things on one site. You create as many "boards" you would like, titled by your choice, and then you starting pinning your favorites! You simply download the icon onto your toolbar and anytime you want to save an image or site, you click the icon and it walks you though the steps. After you "pin it", it is saved to your board! Wa-lah! Genuis! So now, all those random pictures and websites you have saved on your desktop ... you can organize on this site. It is great for remembering where items came from. 

What do you think? Are you going to try it out? Do! They trick you by putting you on a wait list, but that only lasts a day. Or, if you want a personal invite, just let me know and I will send one your way!

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  1. Something I also use pintrest for is client work. I recently redesigned a photographers brand and it was super easy to understand her "style" by checking out the colors, textures, etc on her pintrest site. :)