Friday, November 19, 2010


Wow ... it has been awhile! I don't have any cool makeover stories about Melrose, or any fun crafty ideas, I simply wanted to share the amazing photographers of Our Labor of Love

1. because they are fabulous 
2. because they shot of my bridesmaids' weddings
& 3. because they are shooting my wedding! 

Our Labor of Love is based out of Atlanta, GA and consists of 5 teams of photographers, and they are all amazing! I met Heidi at my good friend Libby's wedding in Fairhope, Alabama. But before Libby and Lee's wedding I was all ready obsessing over OLOL's pictures on wedding blogs, so when Libby told me her photographer - I about died, I lit-ra-lly die. Well, Heidi was absolutely fabulous and as I soon as I got engaged I booked her! Check out the photos from Libby and Lee's beautiful, southern wedding - I love all the unique touches they added to the wedding. Libby is a fellow designer (and blogs!) and has great taste! Her wedding even made it to the Ruffled wedding blog!

A few of my favorites by Heidi of Libby and Lee's special day:

I just love the coloring of the photos, the styling, the composition, the editing -- I love it all! Looking back at their wedding + Heidi's blog gets me so excited about our big day!


  1. I love Our Labor of Love! I almost booked them for my wedding, but ended up going with 13:13. They have an amazing point of view and their photos are art! You will cherish your wedding photos forever!

  2. Yay! Its me! I am so excited for you... I am sure the photos will be so amazing!