Monday, March 10, 2014


I didn't think this blog would turn into all baby stuff with an occasional design post, but it seems that it has. Taking care of a baby and designing are what I do and that's all I know right now. So, that's what inspires me at the moment! Maybe the tides will change and I will post on a variety of subjects again. I'm still working on Melrose and making changes here and there, but nothing major since Gray's nursery

So, on to my post! When Gray was approaching the time to start baby food, I was clueless on the entire topic. I knew I wanted to make my own purees and I needed some feeding essentials. I looked on a few of my favorite baby blogs and I browsed Amazon's top feeding products until I purchased what I needed to start trying food. I know I can be picky about stuff (even silly things like baby utensils and bowls) but I was looking for durability, easy to store, and aesthetically pleasing ... a.k.a. super cute! I made a "baby drawer" inspired by this pin that houses all of my bowls, containers, sippy cups,  etc. so that eventually one day Gray can get what he needs on his own and he can dig through the drawer while I'm making dinner! Here are our top used products to hopefully help you and your baby get started in the right direction -
ONE: Beaba Babycook - I know making baby food isn't for everyone, but I enjoy food so it's been a fun experience making Gray new foods and seeing how he likes them. We received our babycook as a gift and it has been such a breeze to make the purees. It is pretty much a one stop shop - you steam and puree in the same machine. You simply add your diced fruits or veggies to the steamer basket with the right amount of water, steam them, dump them into the processor, and puree! You could also do this with a simple food processor and steam/roast your food beforehand. 

TWO: These are on the pricier side of baby spoons, but I love that they are entirely silicone (BPA free!) and easy to maneuver with a long handle. Gray also loves to chew on them after his meal, ha. 

THREE: I looked at several different types of bowls to serve Gray his food and finally decided on these from Re-Play. They are FDA approved, BPA free, the right size for holding 2-3 purees, and fun colors!  I typically hand wash these, but I have not had any issues with dishwashing them either. Another plus for me was the matching divided plates that we will invest in once Gray is eating more table food. I like everything to match! 

FOUR: OXO Storage Block Set - These have been great for storing our pureed foods. I haven't put any in the freezer yet, but I don't see any issues. I have tossed these in my diaper bag on the go and there have been no leaks or spills so far! They're the perfect portions for his baby food so I know exactly how much he is eating! 

FIVE: Bumkins Bips - I actually "researched" bibs (I know, I'm crazy!) and these had the highest rating. I ordered a 3 pack of these and they have been fantastic. They are easy to rinse or wipe clean and collects any drops of food! Plus, they have lots of super cute patterns to choose from! 

SIX: These look really similar to the Beaba freezer trays, but are 1/2 of the price! I use these to freeze his baby food and pop out a "pod" to defrost when I'm out of fresh purees.

SEVEN: I read that the Nuk sippy cup is a good transition for babies from the bottle so I have been testing this one out. Although, he doesn't seem as interested in this sippy as compared to the Nuby (below). Maybe it is the spout? I think he will eventually use it though so we keep trying it!

EIGHT: Nuby sippy cup - Again, another talked about sippy cup that we are using. Even if he doesn't get much out of it, he loves to chew on it! 

Gray was not too pleased with his first try of peas! 

 Gray loves butternut squash, prunes, sweet potato, apples, and pears ... and really most anything these days!



  1. love it! so glad i have a baby guru within reach!

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