Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Thank you all so much for the sweet comments regarding Melrose's master bedroom reveal! I love hearing your favorite details about the space and it makes me appreciate my pickiness and stubbornness! Now I know all those small details I wanted so long to complete are noticed!

For a while now Melrose's bar has been quite empty. Not in the decorating sense, but lacking a certain liquid filling my collection of decanters. I had no way of establishing which liquor is which ... yes, I know vodka looks different than bourbon - but what about vodka and gin - so I just left them empty. I don't like thinking about enjoying the best summer cocktail of your life and then it was the wrong liquor and it was ruined. 

Well, the future dilema is now resolved. I came across this article in one of my friends' magazines and I snapped a picture to remember the site and company's name. It's exactly what I have been looking for! I love the classic, vintage style of these  "swanky labelsand they are all ready engraved so I was sold. 
They came in last week and are perfect - everything I imagined them to be and more! I washed the decanters, filled them up, hung the tags, and here they are ready to be put to use.
What do you think!? If you have some empty decanters sitting around your house - order these swanky labels and fill em' up!


  1. I have some decantur labels that were handed down to me from my grandmother. I LOVE them! They add such a special touch to our bar area. I've never seen any others like them, so this definitely caught my eye!