Monday, May 10, 2010


I previously posted about my recent obsession with watercolor designs. At the time I searched all over my files for this specific designer and somehow I seemed to misplace her information. Apparently, I follow her blog and the other day while thumbing through a few I stumbled upon hers! It was quite a nice surprise.

Courtney Khail recently launched her new website and blog and it is fabulous. I absolutely love her combination of pen and ink. It is so refreshing and original. I have been trying to incorporate a combination of mediums in my recent work, but she achieves it beautifully. Here is an excerpt describing her technique from her website:

"Created specifically for you, each 100% cotton card combines hand drawn illustrations, ink, and watercolor to produce a unique hand painted work of art where no two are exactly the same. We strive to create pieces that are truly representational of you and your event; pieces that are not tossed away, but instead saved and cherished. That way, you do more than just send a letter or invitation—you give the gift of art as well."

Here are some of my favorite images of her work:

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